About Us

Who we are

NxSensor Co., Ltd. (上海南升能源科技有限公司), a WiiHey's brand, empowers solar power plants to operate with the highest availability. The NxSensor system collects, integrates and analyzes data from multiple sources to optimize the utilization of solar energy and PV (Photovoltaic) assets, taking solar to a new level.

NxSensor located in the Jumeirah building.

NxSensor is located in the Jumeirah building

NxSensor is committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers and partners, including:

Monitor what you need

We identify the most precise and detailed information that is necessary to make meaningful O&M actions for you PV plant. This requires generating additional data, we provide you with hardware in the form of MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) products like PV module-level sensors, string current detectors, customized to your specific requirements. All of this to help you monitor what you need.

Connect what you know

The prerequisite to advanced solar energy is the implementation of data communication. With the help of wireless transmission, you'll gather information like never before. The NxSensor team members are the veterans and technical leaders from industries of telecommunications, IoT, and solar energy. We developed HOHWave™ wireless technology that is best for PV module-level data communication, in the meantime, keeps low cost. All helps you connect what you know.

Dig deeper into your data

The cloud combines data from different sources and makes it accessible at any time and place. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your data. This helps us move from pure descriptions of your PV assets’ health to the development of smart O&M strategies and preventing big system faults. Maximize the window for maintenance and dig deeper into your data.