Add-on / Retrofit Junction Box - M


The Box-M is yet another add-on / retrofit junction box that integrates NxSensor MLPE device. It has piercing clips that could be easily attached to any standard solar panels, making it a fast and cost effective way to upgrade existing solar power systems with smart functionalities.


NxSensor Add-on Retrofit Junction Box Model-M with piercing clips for exsiting solar power systems.

Add-on / Retrofit Junction Box Model M


  • Enable solar PV module-level monitoring;
  • Wireless connectivity for module-level communication;
  • Assign digital ID and RF-based solar panel management;
  • Fast installation, easy wiring and connection;

Wiring & Connection

The add-on/retrofit boxes is connected in parallel with the solar panel. It has a specially-designed pair of piercing clips that could be easily attached to the solar panel's cables for voltage sampling:

Wiring and connecting of box-M and clips of the solar add-on / retrofit junction box.

Wiring and connecting of the add-on/retrofit J-Box

The NxSensor Network

Add-on/retrofit junction box-M's role in the NxSensor network:

Add-on/retrofit junction box's role in NxSensor system architecture, module-level data communication via HOHWave 2.4GHz ISM Wireless Mesh Networks.

The add-on/retrofit boxes in the NxSensor network