Clould software


The NxSensor cloud-based analysis platform brings many opportunities to improve PV O&M activities and achieve better energy yields.

Data analysis

The cloud can detect defective modules by making comparison on the whole plant basis. This can be carried out in two methods:

The probability distribution chart is a tool to statistically analyze the occurrence of data events. Each point in the chart is a count of the number of times the measured data sample is found to be within a corresponding range of the amplitude (“a bin”) . Considering that all PV modules under the same environment should have similar performances ideally, so that the voltage data of PV modules has a tendency to remain near their mean value. During one observation period, if a PV module always has large performance variations against others, the cloud will see it as a abnormal one. Depending on the performance, the cloud classifies the module statuses into several levels such as normal, warning, fault, and so on.

cloud-based platform analyzes module level voltage data in probability distribution chart.

Voltage statistic analysis of PV modules

On the other hand, the cloud analyzes the voltage waveform from the time domain to see the historical data changing and look for instability or inconsistency of the PV modules, which can be useful in detecting issues.

cloud-based platform analyzes module level voltage data in time domain.

Voltage waveform analysis of PV modules

The above analysis can used be applied to the temperature or current data.

NxSensor teams are also working hard to extract features of typical PV module faults, such as partial shadowing, blown by pass diodes, error electrical connection, glass breakage, PIDs and so on, to help O&M companies to better understand PV module behaviors and find root cause of faults.

User interface

The cloud stores PV modules' electrical connection information and their physical layout information. When a fault is detected, the UI could precisely localize the fault source and inform O&M teams where it is. The UI uses colored blocks to indicate different statuses of a PV module.

cloud-based web portal and user interface

The cloud-based user interface


  • Remote monitoring and comparative analysis;
  • Logical (electrical) and physical plant visualization for PV modules;
  • Fault data features extraction and recognition by AI (under developing);
  • Data interfaces by MQTT for 3rd party O&M companies or data companies;

The NxSensor Network

The role of the cloud in the NxSensor network:

NxSensor system architecture at cloude stage, AI analysis.

The cloud in the NxSensor Network