The gateway collects data from sensors and transmits data to the cloud platform. One gateway can typically access 500+ nodes of sensors. The gateway and sensors form a wireless mesh network - HOHWave™, which is a wireless technology enabling low-cost and extensible network for solar PV module-level data communication.

The gateway supports various power supply sources, such as DC 12 V/24 V, AC 110 V/220 V, PoE (Power Over Ethernet), or a small solar power panel (5 Watt). All is for the consideration of making it portable and easily placed in a PV plant environment.

The gateway also has external data interface supported, such as ModBus, IO signals, etc. This aims for integrating data with inverters, charge controllers or receiving On/Off signals from rapid shutdown controlling devices.

NxSensor IoT Gateway for wireless mesh network and solar panel module-level data communication.

The NxSensor Gateway

NxSensor IoT Gateway powered by small solar module.

The NxSensor Gateway

Tech Specs

  • HOHWave™ network: 2.4 GHz ISM radio band;
  • Cellular network: GPRS/LTE/NB-IoT (LTE preferred);
  • Network capacity: 500+ nodes per gateway;
  • Network throughput: 100 uplink messages / 1 min.;
  • Multi-Hop: 30m per hop, typical 10 hops;
  • Message length: Max. 64-byte length;
  • Power supply: 110-240 V AC 50/60 Hz or 9-36 V DC;
  • Power consumption: < 1W;
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C;
  • IP Rating : IP65;


  • Wireless mesh network via HOHWave™;
  • Access 500+ nodes of NxSensor MLPE devices;
  • Plug & play, easy of setup and installation;
  • Low-cost cellular service packages;
  • Various power supply sources (AC/DC/POE/Solar panel);
  • External interfaces for RSD controlling;

The NxSensor Network

The role of the gateway in the NxSensor network:

The gateway's role in NxSensor system architecture, data communication via HOHWave 2.4GHz ISM Wireless Mesh Networks.

The gateway in the NxSensor Network

HOHWave™ is a flexible network, you can easily expand the network capacity and access more sensors by increasing the number of gateways:

Add more gateways to expand network capacity, data communication via HOHWave 2.4GHz ISM Wireless Mesh Networks.

Add more gateways to expand network capacity